The Studio begins

If there is one thing I don’t like it’s change.
In the year 2020 here in the UK, as across the rest of the world, change has been enforced upon us all. Like it or not things have had to change; they may be better for some, worse for others, and simply different for the rest.

All of this has given me time and made me think about long-term plans for GCM Photographic. At this moment in time we have the privilege, and ability, to use a purpose built, full sized and equipped professional photographic studio, which is very nice indeed. We would like to acknowledge Protech Photographic ( for letting us use their studio. However, there is no telling how long this might be available to us, and it not something we have given much consideration to. With so much change happening I believe that now is the time to think long term, widen our options and become more self-sustaining.

The plan I have is that we are to be responsible for the production of our own indoor studio type photography. Our definition of this for us is that it would be for products and artistic images, not portrait photography.

With brain engaged and engine running, we are progressing the provision of a shed which will be used as a studio.

Like most things it will take time and hopefully be a challenging but enjoyable experience, fitting out the interior so that both Colin and I can use it together, as well as individually. This will give us our independence and enable us to move forwards if the situation with the studio we currently use changes.


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