Where have all the blog posts gone?

We feel the need to give you an update at this time.

Both Colin’s and my family have remained well during these trying and testing times. However, things have changed here in the UK, making it very hard for us to meet up together. We do in fact live approx 30 miles apart from each other.
So, from a personal point of view, I have found this time very hard, both mentally and physically. My wellbeing has taken a Big hit!

However, things are changing here in the UK and soon we may be able to meet up again which could be very trying for Colin. Why is that you ask? Because I use 2 hearing aids which can make it very hard to hear Colin if it is windy or there is sound from the waves and seagulls. When we meet up, if we still need to be 2 metres apart, he will have to spend the day shouting at me! (He has a very smooth and gentle voice).

So, in the pipe line from me there may be a book review, a self-build project or a post about a new lens which I have bought, but had very little time with outdoors so far.

Our hope is that STC filters can, and do, make it to the UK this year, as we hope to be able to review some new products for them.

Previously tested products: Ultra Layer SMC UV filter STC IR Cut ND64 clip filter
STC Polarising filters, STC 590nm IR Clip filter , STC IR Cut ND1000 Clip filter
and STC Sapphire UV filter.

Also if Protect Photographic have any need to test their new kit, then Colin will be on to that ASAP.

So, many thanks for staying with us. Keep safe and well.

Colin and Mark and families.

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