Getting Ahead

I have bought a new tripod head! This is for several reasons – it is both smaller and lighter making it easily portable when I am out with my camera kit. It is also simple to use. The two part combination has a step by step structure which slows you down and I like this methodical, streamlined approach. I have used it successfully three or four times so far and it is quickly becoming like second nature. I enjoy things that are good as well as simple. I don’t need lots of faffing around. So my new set-up is well engineered, easy to use and affordable. What’s not to like about that then?

Levelling base – specification highlighted in yellow

So I set up my tripod as you normally do. The first thing I set up is the levelling base. Using the bubble level I adjust it to where it is level which, as I have a choice of plus or minus 18 degrees, is very simple. Next I use the locking arm to lock it in place. After that I move the rotating platform so my pan and tilt head is in a suitable place. Next I use the silver platform screw knob to lock the platform in place. Easy and simple.

Close up of leveling head / pan and tilt combination

Adding the camera comes next. By using the Arca Swiss clamp I make sure the camera is locked in securely. As I always have an Arca Swiss base or grip on my cameras, this keeps things quick, simple and easy when using a tripod.

Levelling base with pan and tilt head plus camera ready to use

Next I set up the pan and tilt head. Using the bottom panning base I set this to a degree where I need it to be. Using the tilt I set up any up or down movements I need. Then using their locking knobs I lock them in place.
Now I am ready to take the photo – it’s as simple as that!


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