Christmas and New Year Greetings

GCM would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas. We thank you also for following us on Facebook and keeping up with our adventures on our blog posts. As you see from this year, we have been very productive with our posts and hope that you have enjoyed them.

Our wish for Christmas is that you have a time of peace, a time of rest and a relaxing, a refreshing time.

We understand that not everyone celebrates our faith at this time of year but our hope is that: if you do, you are blessed; if you don’t, you find happiness in a relaxing, safe, enjoyable manner.

Looking forward to the New Year 2022, we would like to encourage and support you in your creative journeys via our posts. We hope that you will enjoy any photographic gifts you receive in the year to come.

Our hope and prayer is that 2022 is a healthy, safe and productive year for us all.

Colin and Mark

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