The Building progresses Stage 1

Having put in a lot of hard work, myself and team GCM have cleared the concrete area on which the studio will stand upon.

Colin and Mick have done a great job of repairing the gates, ensuring that they can open to allow access for delivery. While also fixing a fence post. It has been a concern for some while, so having that fixed has taken a lot off my mind.

Lyn and I have spent a good few hours painting most of the fence and gates, both sides, which was a hot and tiring job due to the unusually warm weather.

The next stage was rather like “International Rescue” arriving. Mick as “Virgil Tracy” and Lyn as “Gordon Tracy”. Together they built the base, laid it in position and leveled it. I adopted the role of “Alan Tracy”, watching from a distance and helping wherever I could. A fantastic job safely done. If the reference to Thunderbirds alludes you, then I suggest that you spend a little time looking up this classic TV series.

So now, with the base sitting patiently waiting I can rest easy knowing that all is ready for the arrival of the studio. Let’s hope that the weather will be good on the day, so that everybody can work safely and comfortably, allowing them to get the job done quickly. Colin will be here on the delivery day, to take on the role of chief engineer and supervisor, to oversee the whole procedure. I’ll be on Tea duty all day.

I now have 2 weeks to get on and complete the painting of fence and gates. Unless we should suddenly have dreadful weather, this should be achievable.

So, Stage 1 will move to Stage 2 on the 2nd of July, with the arrival and building of the studio. Hopefully, if all goes well, Stage 3, where electricity is supplied into the studio will follow soon after. This will need to be completed by a fully certificated electrician as it involves taking power from the house to the bottom of the garden.

When all this is done there will be a few more stages for Colin, Lyn and myself to work out as there will be fixtures and fittings required within the studio, in order to make it suitable for GCM purposes.

I will try to keep the blog going and updated with news on the studio as it happens.


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