What do you look at or see?

What do you look at or see?
Are you De-Sensitised?

This is a personal observation of my experiences recently as an Exhibitor and at Exhibitions.

The story behind this picture is that I was on a purposeful walk in conversation with my Creator and His Creation via my camera. The resulting image was captured, processed, printed, mounted and framed and selected for an Exhibition within a Church Gallery.

Over the period of the Exhibition, I was there for two of the days for three and six hours each day, I observed that the people looked at the picture but moved on quite quickly – they looked at it but did not see or perceive the meaning behind it.

The image had no title or explanation to it, which leads me to the question – Does your image say what it is, or does it need a title in support of what it is?

Sometimes people need a window to look beyond what they initially see in the image.

What do we take notice of on a day to day basis? Do people treat life the way they looked at a photograph or a painted image? Do they look but not see? Do they not have the time to see? Make the time to see?

If you want your art to be seen, how can you encourage people to see what they are looking at? How do we get people to not be apathetic when engaging with photographs?

Are you swamped in the negativity of life and does that drive you and give you focus, or are you driven by positivity?

Realising the above, I need to plan some structured time where I can be alone and be still and de-focus from my busyness and re-focus on my surroundings. I need to look at what I’m seeing and, using my creativity, capture it in an image that might not only remind me, hopefully, of a nice experience, but will excite and convey enjoyment to any person seeing the image.


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