“The Salt of the Earth”

A REVIEW OF “The Salt of the Earth”

A DVD BY Wim Wenders and


This film is the perfect introduction about the life and works of one of my favourite photographers, Mr Sebastião Salgado.

This film is not only excellently filmed and produced, but it tells of the journey which Sebastião has been on for many decades, detailing through his words and his images, his thoughts and understanding of humanity, both positive and negative. To some it will come across as politically minded. However, if you can look past his political views and see into his heart then his images will speak for themselves.

I have been fortunate enough to have been to two Salgado exhibitions in my lifetime. I have not only thoroughly enjoyed them, but myself and many others have been deeply and profoundly moved by them.

Sebastião, over the years, has also documented his journeys in the form of books and I own four books, two from exhibitions that I’ve seen to help me maintain the visual memories. However, a book is one thing, but seeing the image at a considerable size in front of you is a must in my personal opinion.

Anyone that follows either the Blog Post or our GCM Facebook page will say “Hey Mark, this is not your style of photography.” And I would totally agree. However, it is ART and I very much enjoy it. I would encourage you to look beyond your own personal experiences into a different realm and understanding that you have not previously explored.

This is my personal view.

This film is available in BluRay and DVD format


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