Our Self Expression

     GCM’s plans for this year:

  1. That both Colin and myself take more images.

  1. Colin will be making more use of his film 5×4 camera as well as his film pinhole camera.

  1. Moving from no flash to flash:

   I will be using flash photography indoors, and on occasion, outdoors.
   This will move me out of my comfort zone totally!

  1. IT Skills:

  • Colin will increase his knowledge of his focus stacking program – Focus Projects 3

  • I will be using my Windows computer and will be learning a new RAW converter.

  • I will be getting help with printing images – courtesy of Colin.

  1. NEC, Birmingham Trip – A short Blog Post to follow.

  1. Facebook:

  Both of us at GCM hope to be more active on the GCM Facebook Page.
(Please like our page –GCM Photographic)

  1. We will produce more reviews and tests for our Blog site.

  2. To learn and grow our skills and grow the process of making our art, while we are together and on our own. In turn we will endevour to share this on our Blog.


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