The Photography Show 2019

How time flies! It is almost the time of year for Mark and I make our annual trip to the NEC in Birmingham for The Photography Show. (16th- 19th March 2019)

How busy will it be? What can we expect this year? What deals are available?

These will all be good indicators of the current state of the photographic scene.

What and who are we planning to see this year?

Firstly we will be meeting with William, Ashley and the rest of the team from STC. The company make some wonderfully innovative filters and if you have been following our blog will have seen our reviews on some of their filters. We are looking forward to seeing what new filters they have brought with them for this show, in particular their Sapphire UV filter.

We used to make a point of calling to see Andrew on the Sigma stand, alas Andrew has retired, but none the less we shall still see what Sigma have on offer.

Panasonic and Olympus are on our must see list. Mark is interested in their Micro four thirds equipment, whilst I am eager to get an update on the new Panasonic full frame camera.

Also on our visit list are Platypod (they make an interesting alternative to a regular tripod), Zeiss – because they produce great lenses, Irix – for a similar reason, especially their 11mm lens.  In addition to this we are eager to find a source of high quality film for use in our 5×4 camera, check out the latest post production software andlast but not least products to enhance our presentation of images.

Rather than the few hours we usually manage,this year we will be giving ourselves a full day at the event. This will enable us to get a better feel of how the industry is moving forward to face the future.

Every year we try to treat each visit to the Photography Show as a separate entity, aiming not to compare previous years. (Although we still end up working through the list of who did not appear.)

Look out for a report on the show towards the end of March.

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