Studio Update for the end of 2020

The stool tops have been finished and are now fixed to their legs and being used in the studio.

Before                                                                 Finished

The work to provide a covered open-air workspace is now complete. This involved building a wooden framework from the entrance side and adding a transparent plastic corrugated roof. We will now be able to benefit from an area that is protected from the worst of the elements should we require additional space, and an outside seating area in good weather.


The extension has created an added advantage in that it has seemed to redirect any wind around the door, making it easier to latch the door open, and therefore to help keep the studio cooler in the summer. The light created by leaving the door open gives a much softer effect than the light that comes through the windows, as the door faces east and the windows face south. This creates a variety of options when we are using natural light in the studio, so that has worked out well. As the door will be closed in the colder weather, I’ve decided to paint the inside surface of the door white which might help to reflect some light back into the studio! It also enhances the creative environment.

The concrete area that the studio sits on needs attention. It has a very uneven surface in places, with some added paint drops. Hopefully we will be able to deal with this next summer.

There is one area of concern with the return of bad weather, i.e. rain.
It became apparent that water collects around the seal of the waterproof covering for the outside power points. This was obviously unsafe and therefore bad news. This has been addressed by designing and constructing a small protective roof above the box, so that rain is diverted.

Some progress has been made with ideas as to the best way to install insulation. We have started working towards this, but there is a lot more to do.

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