Between the Wind  –  Ben Horne

This is another book that I have added to my bookshelf in 2020. It has been a good year for books, possibly because the authors have had time to focus on gathering their work together for publication.

It is a substantial book being 25.5cm wide and 30.5cm high and nice-looking. The cover is made of fabric (Dubletta Natural Cloth) with foil lettering. The paper is of high quality, with a fine matt coating, which is the perfect base for these stunning photographs.

Kozo specialise in this type of book, and I would recommend you have a look at their website

I first came across Ben Horne on YouTube and have followed him ever since. This book contains 68 images taken between 2009 and 2020 so I have seen many of them on YouTube. This book is the perfect complement to YouTube as Ben explains how he achieved the final image – from the equipment he uses, the process of choosing the subject, and the difficulties he experienced in getting everything “just right”. As the photographs are taken on film he also has the uncertainty of knowing whether he has captured the image he wants until the film is processed.

Ben uses large format film to take his photographs, something that is unusual today and requires skill and patience. Many of the images will have necessitated him waiting hours to get just the right light and stillness. That moment when the elements are still gives him the title of the book.

Many of the images include a description of not only the location but what attracted him, why he chose to photograph it and some description of the image to help the reader appreciate the finer details.

I would thoroughly recommend this book not only for the beauty of the images but for their technicality. A wonderful book you can return to again and again, each time seeing something new.

A place to lose yourself in!



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