Memories not Masterpieces

I think it’s very easy to think that you have to produce the ultimate perfection of an image, a masterpiece in fact. Well in 2020 I decided that I did not want to have to push myself to be that perfectionist.

So, we were very blessed with the fact that we were able to get away for a fortnight in September. At holiday at long last! Having had our fair share of disappointments already that year, I wanted to just have a relaxing, enjoyable, happy holiday.

With this in mind I decided to try something different with my photography. I felt it was important for me to have a record, to make a memory, but not strive to make that “One Time, One Moment, One Masterpiece” that normally drives me.

The plan was therefore quite simple. I would take my Olympus camera kit, reducing the amount of equipment in the bag. That stuff you pack but never really use apart from that odd exception.

I decided that I would try to use my phone as much as possible in order to capture my memories, after all, the only thing required was to keep the battery charged.

I knew that there was a likelihood that in one or two places I visited on that holiday I would probably need to use to my camera. However, much to my surprise, I managed to only reach for the camera twice, That’s twice in a 14-day holiday!

So, having decided that I may need to use my camera, I had it close to hand for use, which only happened twice. After all, my holiday was meant to be a holiday, and I only really needed the memories of where we had been, what it was like, and how much we really enjoyed ourselves.

Having used my mobile phones as a diary, and as a notebook, in the past for my proper photography I decided that this holiday was going to be different. I am so glad that I did because come rain come shine your phone is normally with you, on your person somewhere. I believe that someone once said the best camera is the one that you have with you, and for the majority of the time in my case it was true.

So, would I ever do an entire holiday without my camera? No way! I don’t think I could do that psychologically, maybe even emotionally. After all l am an artist!

I have now worked out that I didn’t quite know my phone, and its capabilities, as well as I thought I did. You see, just occasionally it didn’t get it right, which is typical of me. Whichever camera kit I’ve used in the past, I’ve never found a camera that is perfect and is capable of taking what I want it to do without input from me.

I think the biggest problem that I hadn’t realised, was just how much I tend to shake. It’s something I’ve been aware of ever since I picked up a camera, as opposed to my paintbrush which somehow always felt more controllable. Don’t ask me why!

I enjoyed the freedom of being able to share my images on the screen, freely and easily without any concern or any problems, with not only Jacquie but people that we had only just met.

As you can see from the small selection of pictures that is included with this post, I took the archetypal holiday pictures, not snaps – they are memories. They are memories of a delightful holiday. They are memories attached to typical holiday photographs.

I used the Snapseed app to process and sort my images on the phone. Those that were worthy found themselves posted onto my Facebook personal page (which is not public). This was done regularly, twice a week. I posted them in groups of 5 for a good couple of weeks, which had a rather strange effect on me. I was able to share my holiday pictures with a lot more people than my mum and dad, my neighbours, and maybe members of my immediate family. The whole of my Facebook page could be seen by my friends at one time or another. I had a collection of a holiday photographs that people could enjoy no matter what their personal circumstances, and I was extremely glad that this gave them pleasure. I enjoyed reading their comments too. It was so nice to have a holiday, and posting the photos over a couple of weeks seemed to keep the pleasant memories of it alive for longer. I’m very sorry if you were not able to have a holiday away from home in 2020.

My hope is that in 2021 we will all be able to enjoy a break of some kind. Also, get that camera battery charged up, or film loaded, and get ready to enjoy yourself. But remember to allow yourself to make memories, not just masterpieces!


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