Yes I’ve done it! Have you done it too?

So an interesting title. What have I done?

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry]
[From Robert Burns Poem – To a Mouse, 1786.]

My plans were for a nice trip to Hastings via the train, to visit the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, and then to meander along and back to the train station while seeking to relax and compose myself, my thoughts and hopefully take some inspiring photographs. That was the plan anyway.

Having checked and cleaned my kit, sorted suitable clothing, gathered together the things I needed for the journey, and having placed my spare camera battery on charge, I knew I was good to go. And so I did.

After a pleasant trip to the Jerwood, and while meandering along to the Pier, I realised that my camera’s battery indicator light was on. I found a suitable place out of the wind so that I could stop and safely change the said battery. I would have changed the battery if it wasn’t still in the battery charger at home, much to my dismay!

How did I dig myself out of this?

I visited a local camera shop in Hastings, Marriotts Photo Stores, and purchased myself a ‘Universal Battery Charger’.

It was time for a long meal, and a very long drink whilst charging the only battery that I had with me for my camera that day. The charger worked wonderfully well and has served its purpose ever since.

It charges all the Lithium Ion camera batteries we own as a family. It can recharge NiMH batteries and, if you have the appropriate lead for your phone with you, it will even charge that.

A useful feature that I’ve yet to use, so can’t comment on, is the capability that it can charge any of these batteries via a car cigarette lighter adapter.

I can fully recommend having a spare battery charger, as well as taking your spare fully charged battery with you!


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