Free Inspiration from YouTube

It’s not unusual to hear authors talk about ‘writer’s block’. In the general population people talk about ‘losing their mojo’. Photographers are not immune!

So, when you find yourself short on inspiration, take a look at my top 12 YouTubers.
All of them I find inspiring. Most are informative e.g. technically helpful, and some are interesting because of their historical insights.

1. Julian Baird
A digital landscape photographer primarily working in the West Country. He is both inspiring and relaxing to watch. Watch out for an item called “From my bookshelf”.

2. Nick Carver
Based in America, Nick Carver is a commercial architecture photographer. His work on YouTube is mainly as a film camera user. He talks fully about his process – where he’s going, what he’s doing – in an informative, relaxed way with a smooth, well-presented delivery. He is very much a ‘one-off’ who helps me see the world with a different pair of eyes. Expect offbeat items like ‘a review of the best bourbon and a piece of camera equipment’.

3. e6vlogs
A micro 4/3 camera user (Olympus). This photographer is both a landscape and cityscape photographer. His work includes some amazing views of London.

4. First Man Photography
This YouTuber has a flowing, instructional approach. He goes through his process from start to finish in full detail e.g. aperture choice. Based in the North of England I would describe this digital landscape photographer as very ‘real’. He is often to be seen out in wind, rain and hail!

5.Ted Forbes
His channel is called ‘The Art of Photography’ and is long standing with very good content. It includes camera equipment reviews, some computer equipment reviews and programme reviews. An interesting and educational channel.

6. Peter Forsgard
A Finnish photographer who is an Olympus Camera ambassador. He has given a technical review of my own camera system and, therefore, he provides a useful source of information for me. He acts for me like a ‘lazy electronic handbook’ – so much easier than ploughing through a lengthy manual……

7. Rev Christopher Frost
Living and working mostly in Wales this photographer tests cameras and lenses in a very methodical way. He is consistently reliable, providing honest and useful information across many brands.

8. Adam Gibbs
Adam lives on Vancouver Island – a beautiful part of the world that I have been to and wish to return to. I can do this through his stunning photography.

9. Ben Horne
An American large format film camera user who has inspired me for many years.

10. James Popsys
A Panasonic camera ambassador who shoots with full frame and micro 4/3 cameras. I find him very entertaining. He has a laid back, light hearted approach and is honest about his mistakes – which is refreshing!

11. David Thorpe
An ex-press photographer based in the UK. David is a micro 4/3 digital camera user and reviewer. He brings years of working knowledge to his channel.

12. Three Blind Men and an Elephant Productions
A husband and wife team of New Yorkers – Claudia concentrates on the video side of things, whilst Hugh is a Leica owner. He has no qualms about saying he loves the Leica system, but he also reviews other camera equipment. Hugh is a great ambassador for street photography. He interviews other photographers on his YouTube channel, demonstrating his wide awareness of photographers throughout history.

None of us can be sure what the coming months will bring, but I hope on a bad day or a sad day my ‘top 12’ may be enough to pick you up a little bit. I hope some of these channels are new to you and give you fresh inspiration in the difficult circumstances of our time. What is more, by exploring them, you will get to see different parts of the world for free!

So these are my top 12. There are so many more, and I hope you may find someone new to view.


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