STC IR cut ND64


We were so impressed with the STC IR cut ND64 filter, that is was felt a separate review was required.

To start with. What is an ND filter?

ND stands for neutral density, an even reduction in light across the spectrum.

What makes the STC ND filter different from other filters?
For a start this filter fits within the camera, it clips in front of the mirror to be exact.
The filter is made from imported Schott glass, multicoated, impact resistant, ultra thin, manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and with an A2 stainless steel (virtually non magnetic) matt black surround.
According to STC website the filter is available to fit Canon FF, Canon APS-C, Nikon FF and SonyA7 cameras.





One of the major benefits of this is, no need for a separate filter for each lens you own, a not inconsiderable cost saving.

The second plus point is that the filter has an Infrared cutting layer coated onto the filter,  this is essential when making long exposures, the longer the exposure, the more infra red light passes to the sensor, and this in turn causes a colour shift.

How to fit the filter

Fitting the STC is straightforward, on Nikon bodies: switch camera on, remove lens, switch camera to ‘Live View’, place filter inside camera throat (see photos below), put lens back on, switch camera back to ‘Live View’ (due to camera turning ‘Live View’ off when lens is refitted), then switch camera to manual focus.







Fitting filter.






Filter in position.


Sample images
















Without filter

















With STC Filter

How impressed were we?

Short answer to that is VERY IMPRESSED.

Any accessory might be great in theory, but in practice, unusable.
No such problem with the STC clip filter which can be inserted and removed from the camera in seconds.
It is easy to use, neutral in colour balance and distortion free. We at GCM will be using more of these filters in the future and are excited at the prospect of testing other filters from STC.
Take a look at our previous reviews involving STC filters, the evidence is there to see.
Currently STC filters are only available in the UK through their web shop:
However this may change as their presence grows larger.


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