The Photography Show 2017 – 18th-21st March

Once again, we, GCM, will be going this year to the Photoshow at the NEC.
So just why are we going and what are we going for?
The short answer is because we can and we do.

It’s really after this that we both get out with our cameras in earnest,  because it’s spring and shooting images really starts for us.

Stands that we will being visiting are as follows:

A41- TOPAZ LABS. To check out any new imaging software they have available. We both have and use their programs.
A91- HAIDA. A newcomer to the filter market, we always like to check out our options for filter systems.
A117- DIGITAL PHOTO SOLUTIONS. Suppliers of our current callibration equipment, again on the lookout for a deal!
A1-B1- INNOVA ART. This company produces some interesting printing media.
B21- ZEISS. This is an “M” stop as he has dreams of owning their lenses one day!  It’s good to have dreams.
B91- LAOWA. To check out their 12mm f2.8 full frame lens. We need a BOGOF on this as they cost £900.00!
C31- IRIX. This is another “M” stop to look at their 15mm F2.4 lens which seems a “Steal” at only £380.
C32- AFFINITY. Rumoured to have some game changing image editing software, we shall see.
C81 -COLOR CONFIDENCE. Going to check out X_RITE and their “Colour smile” plus a possible deal, as we all need to keep our computer screens the right colour.
E71- PEAK DESIGN.  Yet another “M” stop!  Camera straps. I’ve yet to find one I really want to use instead of having to use any available camera strap.
E121- BENRO.  We both use tripods and will be checking them out for any new developments.
F51- SIGMA. We will be being stopping off at the Sigma stand to try their range of Art Lenses  and to say “hello” to a long standing friend of “C”.
G21- FOTOSPEED.  To take a look at their “Smooth cotton” paper. We at GCM love Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper but with the ever increasing cost of production, so we are looking for suitable replacement.
G91 – PARAMO CLOTHING.  As worn by “M” and many other outdoor people.  We will be saying “Hi”, and if you don’t know about them please check them out.
G91 – ROBERT WHITE.  The UK importer of “VOIGTLANDER lens”.  If you can use a manual focus lens, but cannot afford Zeiss lenses, then “M”  thinks that these are the next best thing to use.

All in all a busy show for us this year. Let’s hope the traffic and weather are good.  Also that the very expensive parking fee has not gone up in price!

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