The Photography Show 2016

On Tuesday of last week (22nd March) M and I made our annual trip to The Photography Show in Birmingham.

This year we arrived slightly later than anticipated, we still got around the exhibitors, but would have liked a little more time to back track in case we had missed someone first time around.

The talk by David Ward on the OnPhoto stand was great, very informative.
We obtained some very useful information from our current media and software suppliers, always good to the information first hand.
A quick chat with Andrew on the Sigma stand revealed business is booming in the third party lens market.
Overall there seemed to be fewer exhibitors than previous years and, being the final day, some had already packed up whilst others gave the impression they were looking forward to heading out the door!
There were not so many deals to be had as with previous years, although this could be down to pressure from the internet.
We could tell it had been a long and hard 4 days for some of them.

The obvious question is ‘Will we be going next year?’ Answer, ‘Of course we will!’ Maybe on another day though.

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