Where’s my mojo gone? Have you lost yours too?

One of the features of lockdown for some people I talk to is that they seem to have temporarily mislaid their creativity or, to put it another way, ‘lost their mojo’. The Cambridge English Dictionary describes mojo as  ‘a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy’. 

Why has it disappeared just when we need it? Well, for me it is partly because I love to share my photography excursions with a friend. It makes the experience companionable and stimulating. This doesn’t work in a lockdown where you have to stay local because my friend lives in another county! Some of it is practical – I have a half-finished studio which is some way off from being the uncluttered and relaxing space that would be a pleasure to work in.

 What else? The disappearance of groups I belong to (Zoom is not always the answer) and the way life has generally become more complicated – even going out for the afternoon for some landscape photography at a National Trust property is no longer straightforward! First you have to book your space…….

This got me thinking. Maybe sometimes we need to lower our sights, to concentrate on making memories and not masterpieces. Maybe this is a time to seek peace rather than chase creativity. As things ease – and they will have done by the time you read this if all goes according to plan – how can I ‘find my mojo’? What will kickstart my and others’ creativity? What makes me stop and look and want to take an image? What moves me? I looked through my portfolio and there were various common themes over the years. I offer them to you in no particular order. Do the same characteristics inspire you?







There are many more…………brightness, cold, emotion, foreground interest, simplicity, chaos, emotion, happiness, story, silhouette, black and white contrast, movement, memory, style, atmosphere, power.

Maybe you could focus on one of these areas and join me in regaining our ‘mojo’? It hasn’t gone after all, it is only submerged temporarily.


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