Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition 2020 – Part One

I made plans to go to the busy London Bridge railway station, this year being the first time that the exhibition has been based there. So, I was wondering if this would be good or bad news for me, having struggled for a few years with the exhibition being held at London Waterloo main train station. I had struggled primarily because of the noise and the dirt of a terminal station, whereas the exhibition at London Bridge is downstairs away from the trains. It is among the shops and away from the busyness of a London railway station.

The station was clean and not too busy when we went, which was a great start. However, we had to ask a staff member where to find the exhibition. He did not know, but found someone who did! This was very helpful, as the exhibition is downstairs which is a large area to cover.

The exhibition itself was good, if lacking in the amount of images on view, which I think is a real shame, as we would expect to see more than we did. It was very hard not to feel disappointed! I hope that next year there will be more images on view. Nothing was wrong with the very high standard of images that we could view, don’t get me wrong, but there’s also space for a lot more. Maybe it’s a cost-cutting thing by the organisers.

                                                                    One day soon!

Thankfully the exhibition images and more have been published in a book. My experience with the Landscape Photographer of the Year books is that they have been very well published, as well as printed, so I do look forward to having the book each year. Once I have my own copy of book 13 I will be able to enjoy the images, including those that were not on display. So that will be another book for my bookshelf. Maybe for my birthday this year, hopefully.

For more information on some images from this year, check out the Landscape Photographer Of The Year channel on You Tube.

At the exhibition I took some images for this blog, trying to be careful not to interrupt other peoples’ viewing. If you are a street photographer, then you will have a field day! As part of the exhibition there was some promotional information from MPB Photo, one of the exhibition sponsors, that some people may find useful.

My personal report would be: Could have been much better, needs more work next year. Not unlike most of my school reports, HeHe!


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