STC ND64 IR cut Clip Filter

I tested this filter in my Olympus OMD E 1 Mk II camera body, with lenses ranging from 12 to 150mm, so that is the equivalent to 24mm to 300 in 35 mm or full frame terms. Therefore, I cannot make any comments on extreme wide- angle lenses.

However, for advice on how to fit STC filters I suggest that you take a look at YouTube, where you can find their own channel which gives comprehensive instructions.

How to install STC clip filter


For any advice on wide angle lenses please contact STC directly, they are extremely helpful people to deal with (please bear in mind that they are in Taiwan and the time differences may mean that responses are delayed)

                                           Filter size compared with 10 pence piece

So, moving on to the construction of the filter. It has a very reassuring feel to it as it nicely finished. I have no concerns about this filter lasting only a short time, as it is well built and appears robust. It is labelled with clear white markings as to what clip filter you are using.

The following samples were taken at a focal length of 35mm

                                             Without filter. Exposure 1/2000th at f2.8

                                                  Without filter. Exposure 1/125th at f11

                                                  With filter. Exposure 1/60th at f2.8

                                                     With filter. Exposure 1/30th at f4

                                                 With filter. Exposure 1/15th at f5.6

                                                With filter. Exposure 1/8th at f8

                                                     With filter. Exposure 1/4 at f11

Taken at a focal length of 150mm

                                              With filter. Exposure 1/20th at f2.8

                                                With filter. Exposure 1/3rd at f8

From a technical point of view I hope we have shown you that this amazing little filter is not only very convenient, not having to walk around fitting a plastic filter with many adaptor rings or multiple different screw on lenses. With the ND Filter being internal to the camera it means it is very easy to fit a polarising filter on the screw fitment.

Colin prefers to used the STC Hybrid CPL filter, whilst I use either the STC  CPL-M ND16 which reduces light transmission by 4 stops or the STC SHV CPL which reduces light transmission by 2 stops.

A review of all 3 STC polarising can be found on our blog from the link below.

STC polarising filter review

Now this filter comes at a price, and although seems expensive it works out very reasonable when you think about the financial outlay of other filter brands, their complexity and all the necessary accessories that you need and carry around with you. Size and weight also need to be taken into consideration, this is compact and lightweight.


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