The building progresses Stage 2

With the fence and gate secure, and the area cleared, I set about painting the fence. I used Ronseal Forest Green which gave a good coverage, but as the fence hadn’t been treated for a number of years, and also gets a lot of sun exposure as it is south facing, the first coat was absorbed very quickly. The second and third coats went on more easily, and I was pleased that the colour was as on the tin. Hopefully, this will last 5 years as stated on the tin.
The shed arrived on 2nd July as arranged. The creation of my studio was now under way.

The ordering and installation from Skinners Sheds was a positive experience. The salesman had been very helpful, and the workmen were efficient, completing the job in a very short time. I would be happy to use this company again, as I feel that the price matched the quality.

As an example of the construction please have a look at the Facebook GCM Photographic page, where a few images have been posted.

With the building in place the process of painting the studio with Ronseal Midnight Blue began. This required 3 coats to get a satisfactory covering. Although it was reasonable to expect the consistency to be the same as that of the green paint, as apart from colour there appears to be no difference, the blue paint was much more gelatinous, and therefore a little more difficult to apply. During the painting I decided that the front window area needs to be restyled. This will be part of its transformation from shed to studio

With the painting under way, I set about putting the cable that will provide electricity from the house to the garden in place, in preparation for the electrician to connect the power so that Stage 3 can begin.

I decided to give the armoured cable a bit of extra protection, as it will run behind a number of bushes, and purchased some pipes to run it through. This proved harder than expected as the cable had kinks in it that proved very difficult to straighten. With some assistance (one pushing, one pulling) we eventually managed to get the cable through the pipes and laid safely behind the bushes.

The electrician arrived on 21st July to install a permanent connection from the main fuse box in the house and a further fuse box in the studio. In addition to this, he installed LED lighting and a switch, four 13 amp sockets inside the studio and an outside weatherproof socket.

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