The Photography Show 2020

Yes it really is nearly that time of year again!
The GCM Photographic annual visit to Birmingham is almost upon us.

What are we expecting and which stands are we going to be looking at with the greatest interest?

Usually we would start by heading straight over to see our good friends William and Ashley of STC. We use, possess and have tested a large number of their filters. Unfortunately due to the outbreak of Coronavirus they will not be attending this year. We do still hope there is a chance to meet up later in the year.

Starting with taking the photograph, preparing the image right through to printing, we shall be taking an interest in Nikon – with their new Z series cameras on display, Fujifilm with their medium format digital cameras, Olympus and Panasonic are also on the visit list for their Micro 4 thirds range of cameras and lenses.

From digital we move on to analogue (or film if you prefer!) The Wooden Camera Company will be a stand of interest to us both. As will be The Intrepid Camera stand, they have several item which we will be looking at very closely.

Obviously something to support our cameras of all types and sizes needs to be looked into, hence we will be seeing what Benro has on offer. Mark has need of at least one new camera strap, so a look at the 1901 Fotografi stand will be required – they make some extremely fine leather neck straps, say no more!

Next, lenses are always on our check out list. Are we missing/needing anything to fill the gaps in our range of optics. So we shall be taking a look at the Irix stand. Irix make some very interesting wide angle lenses. Laowa also make some very good wide angle lenses too, a chance to check out their latest designs is not to be missed.

K+F Concepts are another company we shall be taking a look at, they make a range of adapters to fit alternative lenses to camera bodies, with our growing selection of cameras, this is a must!

We like to support the Disabled Photographers stand. This is a great outfit who help a large number of people to be enjoy their photography, in some cases by specially adapting equipment to make the task easier.

Film and processing chemicals are also on this year’s list of must look at stands.
(There is apparently a whole section dedicated to analogue this year.)

Nik and Trick are an outfit from Folkestone, the will have Bellini chemistry on their stand along with plenty of other interesting items. RK Photographic will be visited, hopefully with the opportunity to purchase some film. Also on our list to view is Bob Rigby, usually with a wide range of analogue items for sale. On the subject of film, there must be time for a look at Analogue Wonderland, who sell a massive range of film.

We have standardised our inkjet paper selection so shall be taking an interest in what Fotospeed have to offer, especially any show deals, still on the subject of printing, Canvas Bay will be worth a look at for their bespoke custom canvas production. Epson are on our visit list to check out their new printers and scanners. Needing a correctly balanced image to work from means we will be checking out the Eizo and X-rite stands for monitors and calibration software respectively. Whilst on the subject of final image output we shall be talking to the good folks from Topaz Labs regarding their latest Ai software for image adjustment.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus there may be less stands and less visitors this year, but who knows?

Look out for our follow up article on the show upon our return.

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