Infra red converted Fuji X-E1

A new piece of equipment has landed upon my desk. It is a Fuji X-E1, but no ordinary X-E1. It has been converted to Infra Red by Protech Repairs. The camera has had the hot filter removed and replaced with a 720nm IR pass filter.


Body style :      Compact rangefinder style mirrorless.
Sensor :            16.3 megapixel CMOS  APS-C size.
Storage :           SD, SDHC and SDXC.
Lens mount :   Fujifilm X mount.
Sensitivity :     ISO 200 – 6400 plus extended sensitivity equivalent to ISO 100, 12800 and 25600.
Shutter speeds:  Maximum 30 seconds to minimum 1/4000th.
Exposure control: Programmed AE (with program shift, shutter priority, aperture priority and manual.
Power supply NP- W126 7.2 volt.

Using the X-E1

Fuji make some fabulous lenses, but and it is a big but, when used with an infra red conversion, a number of the lenses are prone to causing a hot spot (colour shift in the centre). The solution is to use alternative lenses. Having used Nikon and Nikon fit lenses with some success, the answer for me was to purchase a Nikon lens to Fuji X body adapter and use Nikon fit lenses. This however will mean that focus and metering have to be performed manually, although the high quality electronic viewfinder and rear screen make this  task easy to do.

Fuji with adapter attached

The adapter adds 30mm to the depth of the body, despite the extra distance from the sensor the lenses used to test the camera still focused to infinity. There is no adverse handling or balance issues with the adapter and lens attached to the camera body.

Fuji with Nikon fit Cosina 19-35mm lens plus adapter.

As previously mentioned metering is completely manual with a lens adapter attached, so it is a case of judging exposure through the view finder or rear screen, this is not difficult due to the accurate display.

I took a walk around a local lake to take some test photographs to get accustomed to the camera and its controls. The Fuji had already had a custom white balance set for the 720nm  infra red filter by Protech, so it was just a matter of checking the battery, putting a memory card in and taking some photographs.

The Fuji X-E1 handled very well and produced some decent images, see the samples below.

Image converted to black and white.

Image converted to black and white.

Converted and toned.


Protech repairs can convert most DSLR and CSC cameras to infra red they can be contacted via their website :




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