A New Book


From Charlie Waite.

This book is new to my bookshelf. Within this book are some of Charlie’s favourite photographs with the story of how they were made.

The images show to the viewer just how he is drawn into the subject in front of him with the use of colour, shape, patterns, reflections, light and shadows showing his response to the subject.

The stunning images have been taken over the years using many different cameras and lenses. It’s Charlie’s skill, experience and his perception we are viewing. A camera does not take the picture by itself.

It makes me feel that I am there beside him. In that moment I am taken away from the stresses of life. Time has stopped somehow! All is still and any pain has gone for that moment as my focus is taken to what’s in front of me.

Mindfulness from my chair, and beside me is a cup of tea. Such a Joy!


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