‘Within the Landscape’ a photobook by Mark

It feels good to have made a book. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride
that everything inside is all my own work! And a photobook is so accessible and
easy to look at. It is more than a photo album because it is not just a memory of a
holiday or a visit somewhere; in my view, it is much more about a collection of
images that work together as a piece of art. I was encouraged by the photography
group, I belong, to try this as a way of presenting images and for the book to be
amongst a collection of work from the group as a whole; forming an exhibition for
friends and family and fellow photographers to enjoy.
At the start of this year GCM put out a post about what we hoped 2019 would hold
for us. The making of a book was on that list for something I would like to achieve.
So I am really pleased that one of my personal goals has been reached this year.

Inside the book are 24 pages which have images I have taken over a short time. In a
few places local to myself. I used a range of cameras, lenses and settings.
On inspecting the photographs I had chosen, I realised that I have not used any
filters. I’m hoping that
https://stcoptics.comwill make a 46mm CPL-M ND16 Filter
and also the same filter for my phone too! Something for next time!
The images are personal to my style of photography, being mainly close up, using
shape, texture, colour and light to express the beauty of the landscape
So that is why the book is named in the way that it is!
It’s also a homage to a favourite book of mine:

This book has been on and off my bookshelf many times. I have taken it on holiday
with me on more than one occasion! It’s totally inspiring to me. I met David Ward in
March 2016 and he was kind enough to sign it for me.
The observant of you will notice that both books have a yellow-toned jacket. My book
has a hard cover which I hope, for such a thin book, will help it wear well. Yellow also
helps it stand out in my bookcase!
On the last page of my book has an accreditation. Text can easily be printed where
you wish it to be within the book. I particularly wanted and needed to thank that
person. Elohim.
You maybe wondering if I have plans for another Photo Book and this is a question
that I have not answered yet! My answer is maybe – given the right project – time –
I would certainly use Photobox again to print my book. You can read
How do you see your images?​ ​on the blog from March 2019 for more information.
Their site works very well and gives you plenty of design option so your creative
juices should be happy! I did personally keep using the ” Save ” button just in case.
It’s something that you need to take your time with. Because whatever you send
them they will print. So it’s important to get it right.
On pricing I personally don’t have a comparison for you. What I will say is the first
book is at full price. Further down the line, if you have signed up for emails, they
tend to send you many great offers to buy and print further books, at a later date.
This is a huge benefit if you are a regular Photo Book maker and enjoy collating a
range of photographs into one beautiful presentation.
From order to delivery took around 10 days. However, if it is for a special occasion
such as Christmas, Valentines etc it may be a little longer. The delivery was as they
predicted and the packaging ensured the book was well protected from any damage
so you can rest assured your book will be safe.
I have enjoyed the whole creative process of making my first book and very pleased
with the final results. I think it may now become one of my coffee table books to
remind me of my achievement and to show friends how my hobby is developing!

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