Olympus 30mm macro lens – For micro four thirds cameras

I personally own this camera lens and enjoy using it for several reasons which I will state below:

  • Size – its compact length.
  • It doesn’t weigh a great deal at only 128g.
  • It’s made of a high quality plastic construction with a good overall finish.
  • The large size of the manual focusing ring makes it easier to use.
  • The 46mm filter size which is common to most micro four thirds lenses.
  • The 35mm focal length of this lens is equal to a 60mm lens on a full frame camera body which I am used to operating with my Nikon camera system.
  • For such a light-weight compact unit, it produces very sharp and detailed images with good contrast.
  • Within the macro lenses produced by Olympus and Panasonic, it is currently the cheapest lens available.
  • In my opinion this lens is the most realistic step into macro lens photography currently available for the micro four thirds system.

I personally find these to be the positive aspects of owning this lens.

Things that I find useful about this lens are:

  • Its fast and accurate auto focus speed.

  • I like the high 1:1; it does in fact go higher at a maximum magnification of 1.25x which gives a focusing length of only 14mm from the front element of the lens. I don’t personally use this as I find this does not suit my style of photography and it is technically very hard to accomplish due to the close proximity of the subject and the loss of the available light.

    The not-so-good aspects of this lens are:

      • The usual Olympus issue of not supplying a lens hood with their lenses.
      • This lens doesn’t have a focusing scale on it. However to me this is not important as I primarily focus via my LCD camera screen.
      • Some people may miss the lack of weather sealing but I personally photograph once the rain has stopped!


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