Nikon to Panasonic adapter

Seeing M’s review on his Nikon Series E 75-150mm lense reminded me that I needed to post my review of my adapter, so here it is!

This particular adapter enables you to fit Nikon F lenses onto a Panasonic G series (or Olympus micro 4/3rds camera body), although adapters are also available to fit Canon EF, Canon FD and Pentax K lenses to Micro 4/3rd bodies.







What is the point of this?

For a start there is a plentiful supply of Nikon, Canon and Pentax lenses available at sensible money, thus extending the lense range available to fit Micro 4/3rd outfits.
Many people may already own another camera system before purchasing a Micro 4/3rd camera and again this is a great way to utilise these lenses.
The small cost of the adapter far outways the cost of additional lenses for a Micro 4/3rd system.

Ease of use.

The adapter is very easy to use, in fact no different to changing lenses. Put the adapter onto the camera body, then fit the chosen lens to the adapter, remember to line up the dots as usual. In the camera menu change the settings to ‘No lens fitted’ otherwise the camera will not function, set camera to ‘Aperture Priority’.
Focus is manual only and chosen aperture will need to be selected on the lens.
One factor to bear in mind, if using an Infra Red converted Panasonic as M and I do, a little experimentation may be needed when using longer focal length lenses, due to the fact that there is a focus shift in the infra red part of the light spectrum.





Adapter and Nikkor 50mm f1.4  fitted to camera








Taken with Nikkor 50mm f1.4













Image straight from camera using partial infra red at f1.4













Same image manipulated in Photoshop

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