So good I bought one twice

NIKKOR 35-105mm. F3.5-4.5

By M

Seems a odd title for a blog post, so here my explanation.

Back in the last century I had a copy of this lens with my Nikon 801 camera, which is a film camera. In fact I used to use this lens almost entirely for my  Fuji-chrome slides.
Knowing this , it tells you the quality and the Len’s capability to produce quality images. Which obviously hasn’t diminished  in time.
It is in fact easier to say what this lens isn’t in modern days terms.
A. Being a fully metal constructed lens this is no light weight build. Weighing in at 16.1 oz or 460grams.
B. It does not have any vibration reduction mechanism.
C. it is extremely slow in focusing, and noisy.


So, having read this you would think why would I buy another one!
Because the first copy of this lens I in fact sold to C. He still owns and uses this lens.
So when the opportunity to purchase a replacement for my self,  I took it.
This lens can be purchased relatively cheaply, if you can find one at a dealership. so my reasons for purchasing a second copy knowing how good this lens is are as follows:
Its close focusing capabilities, which is 1.2 feet or 38 centimetres which gives it a reproduction ratio of 1: 35 at the 105 millimetre end of the lens.
– it takes a 52 millimetre filter size.
– The lens has also a fast aperture for a lens with this kind of range, without being to expensive to purchase.

The hardest thing about this lens is finding the original Nikon HB-2 lens hood.
As a landscape photographer this lens is an ideal piece of kit, to have and use in your camera case, so if you own a D7000/7100/7200 camera body and any Nikon FX camera bodies why not try one out.
So good I bought one twice.

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