Pinhole modification

Pinhole modification
By C

Having taken a few rolls with the Noon pinhole, I became aware of a few minor issues, these being: very long exposures even in bright light, overall lack of sharpness (although a pinhole is never crisply sharp) and image degradation at the closest point.

Having undertaken some research I came to the conclusion that the problems could be reduced by replacing the actual pinhole with one slightly larger. Too smaller aperture, or in this case pinhole can cause diffraction (softness of image caused by light bouncing off the edge of the pinhole.

I manage to locate a supply of replacement pinholes so promptly ordered one.

After some trial and error it was concluded that the replacement pinhole plate needed to be set slightly closer to the film plane, this was achieved by putting the pinhole on the opposite side of the pinhole retaining mask, I cut a new mask from thin black card to fit over the new pinhole plate.

Pinhole-modFrom left to right: original pinhole plate, new pinhole plate mounted on mask, replacement mask.

Original-pinholeOriginal pinhole.
BlurringĀ  can be seen on the lower portion of image.















New-pinhole-plus-spacerReplacement pinhole with spacer added.
Note how much clearer bottom portion of image is.














Testing now over, time to get out and take some more photographs!

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