The Photography Show – The Review

In a break from our usual routine, this year we attended the Birmingham show on a Saturday rather than Monday.
The relaunched Photography Show was held from Saturday to Tuesday, rather than Sunday to Wednesday as Focus on Imaging was.
Our overall view of the event was that most of the former exhibitors were present, notable exceptions were Sony, Harman Technology Ltd and Amateur Photographer.

This year the show was set across two halls rather than the two and a half of other years, also there were a number of pay to attend seminars which in turn took up display area, thus the event felt a little cramped.
The general range of exhibitors was very good, in past years it often felt that there was a lot of padding, with large areas purely given over to assorted print displays, sadly very little second hand equipment was to be had, but plenty of refurbished equipment was in evidence.
There were certainly plenty of visitors, which is always a good sign, although due to the new ticket and badge system, we noticed there were considerably less trade visitors on the Saturday. (Weekends tend to be more popular with amateurs)

The all important question, were there bargains to be had? The answer as always is yes and no! Let me elaborate, there were some very keenly priced items there, but if one were to attend purely to ‘get a bargain’ then factoring in travel to Birmingham, parking, entry to the show and food and drink for the day, the price paid becomes far less of a bargain.

Sticking to tradition we took the opportunity to say hello to our business contacts whilst there.
Sigma Imaging and Paramo reported a good deal of interest in their product range and looking around and speaking with other exhibitors this certainly seemed true of the whole exhibition, photography is indeed alive and kicking!

Will we be going again next year? Absolutely!

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