Photography without a lens

Yes you read it correctly, we really did mean it, photography without a lens.
How you may ask?
The answer is with a pinhole camera.
Let me expand. In its most basic form, a camera is a light tight box, it has something to record the image on, a means of focusing the image and a way of controlling the amount and how long light passes through to the recording material.
These days the recording material is a digital sensor, the means of focusing is a highly sophisticated multi element auto focus lens and light duration by an electronically controlled focal plane shutter.

We have gone back to basics! Film and a pinhole.

How does a pinhole work?

Light travels in straight lines a lens brings the light to a central point and then spreads it back out, but upside down, a pinhole uses the same principle, but uses a very small hole as a replacement for a lens. A practical way of proving the pinhole principle is, if you wear glasses, take them off, put both thumbs and forefingers together to create a very small hole, look through it, the image seen is quite sharp.

We have opted to obtain a custom made pinhole camera, produced under the name of Noon and manufactured by a company in Poland, it uses 120 film and can make images in 3 formats, 6x6cm, 6x9cm and 6x12cm, exposure is controlled by a removable cover over the pinhole.

Because the pinhole that allows light onto the film is so small, the camera must be used on a tripod, the exposures used (depending on sensitivity of film used) generally range from several seconds to several hours in extreme cases.

Using a pinhole camera makes one slow down, compose the image carefully and not just take photographs of anything and everything without thought, each roll of film can record a maximum of 12 images, (I use the 6×12 format so only 6 images)

Front                                                          Front view of Noon Pinhole

Back                                                            Rear view of Noon Pinhole

Meter-reading                                                                Taking a light reading

Loading                                                                  Reloading the camera

Set-up-for-photo                                                 Camera in position to take photograph

Steps                                                          Steps taken with pinhole

Beach                                                          Beach view with pinhole

We are currently working on more pinhole images and hope to display some of them at our next exhibition at Under Ground Art in August this year.

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