Camera Make and Model ?

 If you have been following our blog you will know that Colin and I are Nikon camera owners, both 35mm film and digital. We also have Micro 4/3rds Panasonic cameras which have been converted to shoot in IR (infrared) by our friends at Protech Photographic.

We both have a mixture of older 35mm and medium format film cameras we can also use. The camera that gets the most attention from the public when we are out shooting together is in fact Colin’s Pin-hole camera. I think it’s the shape and the fact it’s wooden which grabs their attention. The images that Colin makes with it are very  “Impressionistic”

However, most of these cameras are not really suited to my “Out and about & holiday shooting style”. I need something that is small, light weight, fast focusing, and has a zoom. So I do have another make and style of camera to put into the mix. I am a Sony bridge camera user. “Why another make and style?”, I hear you ask yourself. Please let me explain why.

The camera is a Sony RX10 MK1,

I have many reasons why I chose this camera. So many that it could be a bit of a read. So I have put together a small list of just 12 points why, however there are more!

1/   It’s small compared to my Nikon d610 camera body.
2/   It has a Great lens – ZEISS F2.8 throughout its 24-200mm 35mm equivalent lens.
3/   It’s lighter in weight compared to the Nikon.
4/   Its battery can be charged via USB – even in the car while parked or moving!
5/   It has a tilting screen, which is very handy for those low level shots.
6/   It has a large workable ISO range of 80-12800.
7/   It has an exposure compensation range of -3 to +3 on a top plate button.
8/   It has a built in 2 stop ND (neutral density) filter built in – via the camera’s menu.         I’ve used this and it is very good.
9/   It has a manual screw in cable release.  THIS ONE IS A BIG HIT WITH ME.
10/ It has a front filter ring size – of just 62mm.
11/ It has a multi format Aspect Ratio switch – you can use 3:2 4:3 16:9 and 1:1. You see the change in format size in the view finder and the screen.This changes the file sizes you capture.
12/ It has the Sony 1 inch sensor, which gives me great dynamic range and stunning image quality in both Raw or Jpeg files.

So there is still No perfect camera for me as yet!  Moving on to some things that I don’t like:

1/  I Hate the menu system – nothing seems to make sense to me. Maybe it’s because I have been spoilt by the Nikon’s menus that are a lot easier to use.
2/  I  have to take my Photographer’s Guide to the Sony RX 10 book on holiday with me – very sad!
3/  The price when it first came out was astromonical! I did wait for it to come down in price and even got a “cash back deal” which helped.
4/  Batteries are not cheap if you need another one as a spare. Having said that I have a spare which is always charged, which I have not had to use yet in a normal day’s shooting for me.
5/ I had to paint the front lettering in black on this lens to use my filters with it, as the white and red paintwork was reflected in the lens and this was recorded in the image file.  So out came my tin of Humbrol black paint.  I was very careful not to get any paint on the front element of the lens!

While Colin and myself don’t shoot video, I have another friend that does. He’s used it on this camera and like it a lot. But using video does get through the battery power quickly, so he used it plugged into the mains – I did not ask how!

So in summary this is a Great Camera for me when out and about.  If I had to live with just one camera, then this would be a good contender!


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