The how and why of reviews

Before we launch into our next review proper. I thought it would be good to give some further information about our review proceedures.

We prefer to photograph real locations rather than test charts, this does mean that sometimes we photograph in less than ideal weather conditions, but that is the real world for you!
This works to our advantage in that a grey flat sky will show a colour cast or density shift far better than a blue sky.
Straight lines on a subject, like the support legs of a pier are ideal for showing loss of sharpness and distortion, brick walls are also useful for this too.
Ultimately the decision to purchase or use a specific lens, filter or other accessory is left to the reader, we will not say ‘you need to use this item’.
Our aim is to give the end user an unbiased review, showing the results we have obtained in our own testing.
To this end, we purchase the bulk of our equipment ourselves, we do not receive sponsorship from suppliers.
If we approach a manufacturer or supplier regarding a review, we generally already own equipment from them.

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